Branson, Missouri- Legacy Fighting Alliance invades Branson tomorrow night live on AXS TV (9pm EST). This card is stacked from top to bottom and will feature some of the Midwest's best.  A few were kind enough to take time out for FunkyMonkeyMMA.
St. Louis rising star and Smith's Pit stand out Dakota Bush took time out from weight cutting to field a few question ahead of his matchup with Jose Martinez.

You've been under the big lights of this show as an ammy. What does it mean to you to showcase your skills as a pro?

I'm a lot better mentally, physically, and technically now that I am a pro. This is a huge fight for me and I have to have a good showing. Im really excited

You've been under Patrick Smith at The Pit for a while now. What clicked for you as a martial artist that has made your game grow?

Just drilling and being around high level fighters all the time. Also really sitting down and evaluating myself as a fighter and how serious and far I want to take this.

At 23 you're still young in the game. What can the Dakota Bush fans and LFA fans expect to see come Friday on AXS TV?

  Relentlessness. I'm going to use my speed and athleticism to work angles. I'm going to be looking for the finish in every way possible. Wherever the fight goes I'm ready. Most of all, this will not be a boring fight.

 You've had a great backing since you've came into MMA. Is there some folks you would like to thank? The floor is yours.

 All of my sponsors. JV Contracting, Wright Brick and Block, Custom Craft Ink Iron Art, AD Seamless Guttering. Patrick Smith, Jake Collier, Chel Erwin-Davis, Nick Pohlman, Chris Pohlman, and Garret Mueller.

 Dakota as always thank you for taking the time. Leave it all in the cage!

Thank you Dustin and you know I will.

When you talk about fighters stock going through the roof one you have to mention would be "The Red Dragon" Katy Collins. She has went 2-1 under the Bellator banner 7-2 overall and also captured a W under the old RFA banner. Collins is on one that will not shy away from any opponent regardless of full fight camp or taking it on short not. Katy was nice enough to sit down with me ahead of her battle with Invicta vet Shannon Sinn.

 You've came along way in your martial arts career. What is the motivating factor for you?

 I just want to do well! I really enjoy fighting! I come from a super small town with literally NOTHING in it, and I want to show people that you can do what you want! You just have to work hard for it!

  You show day in and day out that it doesn't matter where you come from. What does it mean to you to be a role model for us small town folks?

 I mean honestly, I'm no different than anyone besides the fact that I choose to get in a cage occasionally! However, when everyone is being so supportive and telling me how proud they are, it gets me pretty emotional! I'm a very soft person, believe it or not, lol! So things like that really make my heart happy!

 You've shown the meaning hurdling obstacles but at the start you needed that push. Who was that for you? And how has he helped since?

JT Tilley! My coach, manager and best friend! He has always pushed me to do my best, even when I was extremely hard to deal with or wanted to give up! He has never stopped believing in me and working for what's best for my career!

 All this time you've put wins under your belt with some big banners. What would a win over a savy like shannon sinn mean to you?

I mean, it's just another hurdle to cross for me! It will show me strengths, weaknesses, and just what I need to continue to work on to keep doing well! That's all I want. I just want to fight.

 What can the "Red Dragon" fans expect to see come Friday on AXS TV?

I can't really predict something like that and I'm not really the trash talking type! Anything can happen on any given day but I'm going to go in and try to do what I need to do to get the win!

 Damn straight. You and I have a common bond with Lana's Egg Whites. Along with her who has helped you along the way? 

 First I'd like to thank all my coaches and teammates at BFC for always being there! All my sponsors: Lanas Egg Whites, Martial Arts Life Apparel (MAL),  MMARoadhogRacing, BaldknobbersResort here in Branson, TRfitness, BiteMeMouthguards, SmokinPhotos, and FighterAlias! Also a huge thanks to any and everyone who has watched and continued to support me and my career!!

 Katy as always thank you for the time.

  No problem!! Thank you for wanting to speak to me!

Another up start of St. Louis is the "InnerG" Charles Johnson. You can listen to the full interview in the link below. The ceiling is very high for this Flyweight so be sure to tune in Friday night. 

Light Heavyweight Kyle Noblitt vs. Antônio Paulo Branjão
Middleweight Kevin Holland vs. Grady Hurley
Lightweight T.J. Brown vs. Trey Ogden
Women’s Flyweight       Katy Collins vs. Shannon Sinn
Flyweight Jeremiah Cullum vs. Charles Johnson
Featherweight Oscar Valdez vs. Yazan Hajeh
Lightweight Jose Martinez vs. Dakota Bush
Preliminary Card
Flyweight Miles McDonald vs. Xavier Siller
Middleweight Frank Cortez vs. Tyler Lee
Lightweight Adam Mink vs. Clayton Brown
Catchweight (150 lbs) Quinten Davidson vs. Richard Mays
Lightweight Pablo Brenes vs. John Bui
Catchweight (160 lbs) Andrew Siegismund vs. Malik Lewis
Catchweight (195 lbs) Eric Favella vs. Mario Moreno

Interview conducted by Dustin Hill

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